Mono for Windows

Mono for Windows

Mono for Windows 2.4 is a UNIX version of Microsof .NET development platform
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Mono for Windows 2.4 is a UNIX version of Microsof .NET development platform. This project is sponsored by Novell. By using it, it will be possible to develop applications under UNIX that could be deployed as .NET Applications. This package includes GTK+, a toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces written in C. It also includes XSP, a simple web server also written in C, that can run both under Mono and .NET platforms. You can use Gtk# (also included) to bind CIL-based languages to the Gtk+ library. You will be able to map signals to events, becoming able to use C# constructs to alter the behavior of C-based widgets. This package establishes link to Glade 3 (not included with this package). Glade 3 is a RAD tool to enable the development of user interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit, that will be saved as XML. Upon installation of Mono for Windows, you will see in the program´s tree several links to webpages with information about each one of the tools, that will provide all the information needed to use them.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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